New-Zealand Horror-Comedy ‘Housebound’ to Get a Remake


The well-received 2014 New-Zealand horror- comedy Housebound will be getting a remake.

THR has reported that New Line Cinema has picked up the remake rights and that the search is currently on for a screenwriter to adapt the original film.

Housebound tells the story of a rebellious young woman who is placed under house arrest, meaning she has to return to live with her small-town-minded mother in her country home. Just when she thought living with her mother and stepfather couldn’t get worse, it begins to look like there could be a malevolent presence living there as well.

Gerard Johnstone, writer and director of the New Zealand film, will be attached as a producer on the remake but won’t be directing.

Carolyn Blackwood, a Senior VP at New Line, believes the film will benefit from a U.S. remake.

“The movie is scary but has comedy woven in,” said Blackwood. “It’s very difficult do to well but he pulled it off.”

Housebound was damn good, so it comes as no real surprise to hear that a studio wants to remake it. We only wish more distributors had initially picked it up to start off with. Anyway, here’s a look at the film’s trailer:

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