The ‘It’ Sequel Has a Release Date

Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema

Get those brown pants ready, again.

Pennywise will be returning to creep out audiences in a sequel to the box office hit that is It. Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema have announced that the It sequel will be hitting US cinemas and IMAX screens on 6 September 2019.

Gary Dauberman, who co-wrote It with Chase Palmer and the once-attached-to-direct Cary Fukunaga, has signed a deal to return as screenwriter on the sequel. There’s no official word as yet as to whether director Andy Muschietti will return at the helm, although he’s expected to sign on that dotted line soon. It is also expected that the producing team of Barbara Muschietti, Dan Lin, Seth Grahame-Smith, Roy Lee and David Katzenber will be back as well.

Made for a modest (modest, for a major studio picture) $US35 million, the Stephen King adaptation came out swinging. Box office records were broken just a few days in, and the film is now the highest-grossing R-rated (US classification) horror pic of all time. Thus far, It has scared up an impressive $US478 million.

While King’s lengthy, much-loved novel jumps back and forth in time, focusing on the characters as both children and adults, the films each focus on one period. The sequel will be set in the present and will have the characters, now adults, once again dealing with the demonic entity. It’s likely that It‘s impressive cast of kids will be seen again, since the sequel is expected to include flashbacks.

Stay tuned as the follow-up comes to life.

Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema
Image credit: Brooke Palmer / Warner Bros.

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