James Wan Reveals He Had to Choose Between ‘Aquaman’ and ‘The Flash’

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James Wan has come a long way from breaking out with the low-budget slaughter fest that was Saw. The Conjuring pushed his already-solidified horror reputation to new heights, and then Furious 7, his first major studio film away from the horror genre, became the sixth-highest grossing film of all time.

With The Conjuring 2 complete and starting its worldwide roll out, Wan will be moving onto Aquaman, his first foray into the superhero genre. But he could have been moving onto The Flash instead.

Speaking to Uproxx, Wan revealed that he was put in the position to choose between two DC characters to direct.

“They asked me which of the two characters I’d be interested in and it was between The Flash and Aquaman,” Wan said.

When asked what made him lean towards Aquaman, Wan said it was the opportunity to explore a character and world that hasn’t really been tackled before.

“…The thing that ultimately pushed me more towards Aquaman is I love the possibility of creating a whole new world. I’ve always wanted to do a world creation story and visually create this amazing, incredible, magical kingdom,” Wan explained.

He added that he’s well aware that Aquaman is often poked fun at, and that’s part of the attraction.

“And also, I love the fact that Aquaman is an underdog character…Everyone makes fun of him! And I actually don’t mind that! What it allows me to do: I think people are a lot less precious with him than, let’s say, you were doing a Spider-Man or a Batman or whatever…I felt like it allows me the freedom to just tell the story of the character I wanted to tell.”

The Flash is to be directed by Dope helmer Rick Famuyiwa, who came on board following Seth Grahame-Smith decision to leave the director’s chair.

James Wan’s Aquaman film will hit U.S. cinemas on July 27, 2018, around four months after The Flash, which will open in the U.S. on March 16, 2018.

  • What James Wan said about Aquaman
    (the character’s often being the object of ridicule would actually give Wan more freedom to make the movie he wants) makes perfect sense to me.