James Wan: New ‘Mortal Kombat’ Movie Still Happening, May Just Take a While

james wan - mortal kombat

It has been around a year since news broke that James Wan would be producing a new Mortal Kombat movie for New Line Cinema.

It’s been pretty quiet on that front since then, leading to some speculation that the film was getting bogged down in development hell and would not end up coming to life. Well, apparently it’s still in the works, only it may take a while to hit screens.

Wan has offered an update to IGN, confirming that the project is still moving ahead.

“It’s still cooking away. With that particular project, that’s a really cool property that I loved growing up as a kid. Besides the game, even the movies as well, I kind of enjoyed them for what they are…The key here is to try and do it right,” Wan said, providing confidence that this will not be a rush job.

“I don’t want to rush into it. So right now, we’re just trying to take our time to make sure it’s heading in the right direction. I think that’s more important than trying to rush through it and pump up something that no one likes.”

Although he doesn’t provide any details, it’s safe to assume that it’s the screenplay that is getting fine-tuned prior to anything else. Early drafts have been penned by Oren Uziel, who has writing credits on 22 Jump Street and the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth video game, and Dave Callaham, whose credits include The Expendables and Godzilla.

Stay tuned…