Jamie Foxx to Direct Faith Movie ‘Why We Pray’

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Oscar winner Jamie Foxx is set to step behind the camera for a movie about two preacher brothers.

Foxx will be directing When We Pray, a faith-based feature film that he’s also co-writing with Donald Ray “Speedy” Caldwell. Deadline broke the news, reporting that Foxx aims to start filming sometime before the end of the year.

The plot follows two brothers who become pastors at different churches, both located within the same community. One brother’s church gathers a modern, high-tech congregation with digital devices and even ATMs. The other brother’s church is much more humble, but it soon finds itself in decline and in need of financial assistance. No word yet on whether Foxx will be playing one (or both?) of the brothers.

The film is being produced by Cinema Libre Studio in conjunction with Hong Kong outfit Fight to Fame Films. The cost will reportedly stay under the $US5 million range, which is decidedly low-budget for a Foxx-related feature.

This will be the second feature film as director for Foxx. The first will be a comedy titled All-Star Weekend, which Foxx also wrote and features a cast that includes himself, Robert Downey Jr., Gerard Butler and Benicio Del Toro. That film, which is currently in post-production, tells of two buddies who form a rivalry over their favourite American basketball player.

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