‘Jane Got a Gun’ Trailer: Natalie Portman & Joel Edgerton Take on Ewan McGregor

A new trailer has dropped for Jane Got a Gun, the Natalie Portman-starring western that’s taken quite a while to get the screen.

After production woes that included the departure of director Lynne Ramsey (We Need to Talk About Kevin) and Jude Law, the picture is finally about get a release.

The film sees Portman play Jane, a mother who is forced to seek help from her ex (Joel Edgerton) when her home is threatened by a gang of outlaws led by Ewan McGregor’s Colin McCann.

Director Gavin O’Connor impressed with Warrior, which also starred Joel Edgerton, so here’s hoping his feature follow-up manages to ace it as well. The trailer offers relatively straightforward stuff, with familiar characterisation and plot. The strong cast could bring the goods though. We’ll see.

Jane Got a Gun, also starring Noah Emmerich, Rodrigo Santoro, and Boyd Holbrook, will hit the U.S. on January 29.

Synopsis for Jane Got a Gun:

JANE GOT A GUN is the story of Jane Hammond (Portman), a young mother living in a secluded ranch on the vast New Mexico prairie. When her family’s life is threatened by a conniving gang of outlaws led by the nefarious John Bishop (McGregor), Jane is forced to seek help from her former fiancé (Edgerton), now a gunslinger. Sequestered at her ranch with a limited stockpile of weapons and supplies, they await the epic showdown with the Bishops, whilst a tense romantic triangle unfolds inside.

jane got a gun - poster

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