Jared Leto’s Joker is Getting His Own Movie

Warner Bros.

Some good news for those that dug Jared Leto’s interpretation of The Joker in Suicide Squad.

It looks like the Oscar winner will be reprising his role as The Clown Prince of Gotham in his own standalone feature. Variety is reporting that Warner Bros. has started development on a Joker film set in the Suicide Squad universe, with Leto on board as both star and executive producer. Deadline has confirmed the news, pointing out that no writer or director has been chosen as the project is still in very early stages.

The studio is keen to continue expanding their DC universe, particularly with the villains. Margot Robbie will be back as Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey, which is currently in development with a director and screenwriter already confirmed.

Warner Bros. has a number of DC projects circling starts, including a Joker origin movie that has Hangover director Todd Phillips attached. That one would be separate from the DC universe that’s been unfolding so far and would find another actor playing The Joker. Although nothing’s been confirmed, Joaquin Phoenix is the man expected to take on that role.

So there you have it. As of now, it looks like we’ll be getting two Joker films, each with a different actor. And Leto’s Joker is also expected to be in Suicide Squad 2, which will be directed by Gavin O’Connor (Warrior, The Accountant) and will head into production next year.

Warner Bros.

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