Joe Cornish Offered King Kong Reboot

joe cornish king kong

A few days ago, Legendary Pictures surprised the Comic-Con audience in Hall H by unveiling a teaser for an upcoming King Kong reboot titled Skull Island. It was certainly unexpected, especially since many in the hall assumed that the footage would culminate in a look at some dinosaurs from Jurassic World, as opposed to a giant gorilla. Still, it was exciting news, and Legendary Pictures are wanting to move on with the project as quickly as possible, already naming the director they would like to have at the helm.

Deadline is reporting that Joe Cornish, who made quite a name for himself after he directed and wrote the well-received action-sci-fi film Attack the Block, is being chased to helm Skull Island. Max Borenstein, writer of Legendary’s recent Godzilla outing, has penned the screenplay “based on the mythic origins of King Kong, where mutant giant creatures rule.”

The studio has set Skull Island for release on November 4, 2016, so it’s no wonder they’re moving quickly. There’s no word yet if Cornish is leaning one way or another, since he’s been offered a number of enticing projects, including Universal’s Section Six, a drama “about the formation of MI6 Brit intelligence branch.” It all depends whether the director wants to grab a hold of a mammoth monster movie or if he wants to go a little smaller and more human. We’ll let you know as soon as word comes through.

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  1. Meh. Godzilla sucked so don’t have high hopes. Attack the Block was okay, but not worthy of how much attention Cornish is getting. Pick someone else.

  2. “Where giant mutants rule.” Hope we get Kong bashing the shit out of other creatures again. That fight between him and those T-rexs in Peter Jackson’s film was a standout.

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