John Wick Trailer: They Killed His Dog

The first John Wick trailer has dropped, and it actually doesn’t look half bad. Keanu Reeves plays a retired hit-man who is forced to go back into ass-kickin’ mode when bad guys kill the dog given to him by his late wife. Yep, that’s really about it. No one’s saying this looks like a masterpiece, with its laughable plot and cheesy leanings, but we’ll be damned if this doesn’t look like a good bit of violent fun. John Wick marks the directorial debut of Chad Stahelski, the veteran stunt-coordinator who’s worked on films such as The Matrix Reloaded, V for Vendetta, The Expendables, The Hunger Games and The Wolverine. We’re digging the supporting cast too. Check out the slick trailer below.

John Wick also stars Adrianne Palicki, Willem Dafoe, Bridget Moynahan, Ian McShane, Jason Isaacs, Alfie Allen, Lance Reddick, John Leguizamo, and Michael Nyqvist.

Here’s the official John Wick log line:

An ex-hitman comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him. With New York City as his bullet-riddled playground, JOHN WICK (Keanu Reeves) is a fresh and stylized take on the “assassin genre”.


ETA: USA – 24 October, 2014. AUS – 27 November, 2014.

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