‘Stuber’ Director Chosen for ‘Just Cause’ Video Game Movie

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The planned Just Cause movie has its director.

At the helm of the big-screen adaptation of hit video game franchise Just Cause will be Michael Dowse, whose credits include action comedies Stuber and Coffee & Kareem. The project has been set up at Constantin Film and Prime Universe.

The screenplay for Just Cause comes from Derek Kolstad, who certainly knows his way around the action genre having written all three John Wick films and worked on upcoming Marvel series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The film will be following ass-kicking video game character Rico Rodriguez as he battles the mercenary group known as The Black Hand. According to Deadline, the outlet that broke the news of Dowse’s hiring, the film will have a female co-lead that will help give it a “Romancing the Stone vibe”. Still no word on who it is that will be starring as Rico. Dave Bautista’s name is being mentioned here and there by fans.

The Just Cause video game franchise, which has sold over 35 million units worldwide, is a gleefully over-the-top third-person open world game with a cheeky ‘blow ’em all up’ angle to the action. It’s the right recipe for a dumb fun action blockbuster, so fingers crossed here.

A number of big video game adaptations on the way, among them: Tom Holland’s Uncharted movie has started filming, Eli Roth is currently in pre-production on a Borderlands movie, the James Wan-produced Mortal Kombat movie is set for an early 2021 release, HBO has a Last of Us series in the works and Amazon is moving ahead with a Fallout series.

Check out the trailer for the most recent Just Cause game, Just Cause 4, and just imagine some of the craziness Dowse could be taking to the screen…

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