‘Killing Gunther’ Trailer: Schwarzenegger Shoots for Laughs in Action Mockumentary

Image credit: Saban Films
Sporting an amusing new hairdo, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the world’s best assassin in the upcoming action-comedy mockumentary, Killing Gunther.

The film follows a group of assassins that decide it’s time to take out the hitman at the top of the game, Gunther (Schwarzengger). Of course, it won’t be easy; he ain’t called the best for no reason.

The is the directorial debut for Saturday Night Live alum Taran Killam, who also stars in the film as hitman Blake. It could go either way, but the trailer does show off a good energy, a game Arnie, and a decent supporting cast. Side players include Killam’s SNL cohort Bobby Moynihan, Cobie Smulders, Allison Tolman, Hannah Simone and Peter Kelamis.

No release date for Killing Gunther has been announced.


Logline for Killing Gunther:
A group of eccentric assassins are fed up with Gunther, the world’s greatest hitman and decide to kill him but their plan turns into a series of bungled encounters as Gunther seems to always be one step ahead.
Image credit: Saban Films