‘Leatherface’: Bloody Red Band Trailer Released for ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Prequel

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A red band trailer has been released for Leatherface, the upcoming prequel to the 1974 horror classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The new chapter in this elongated franchise gives us more of this demented killer’s upbringing. The youngest child in the infamous Sawyer family is sent to a mental hospital after an incident leaves the sheriff’s (Stephen Dorff) daughter dead. He escapes ten years later; now, he’s a twisted teen, with a deranged sheriff on his tail.

As you’d expect, the crimson is strong in this one. The very bloody trailer below looks to have the franchise’s aesthetic down pat, although fans will likely be wary of follow-ups thanks to the mixed bag of sequels we’ve gotten over the years.

This one’s directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, who horror fans may know from their tense-as-hell, messed-up feature debut, Inside.

Leatherface, also starring Jessica Madsen, Sam Coleman, Sam Strike, Vanessa Grasse, James Bloor, Nicole Andrews and Lili Taylor, will be receiving a limited U.S. theatrical run and full VOD release on October 20.

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Synopsis for Leatherface:

In Texas, years before the events of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in the early days of the infamous Sawyer family, the youngest child is sentenced to a mental hospital after a suspicious incident leaves the sheriffs’ daughter dead. Ten years later, he kidnaps a young nurse and escapes with 3 other inmates. Pursued by authorities including the deranged sheriff out to avenge his daughter’s death, the young Sawyer teen goes on a violent road trip from hell, molding him into the monster known now as Leatherface.

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