‘Logan’ Legacy Video Salutes Hugh Jackman’s Run as Wolverine

As Logan takes the worldwide box office by storm, what better time is there to unveil a video saluting Hugh Jackman’s 17-year run as Wolverine?

20th Century Fox has released a great “Legacy” featurette, a tribute to Jackman’s impressive run playing the clawed mutant, with interview snippets with the man himself, Patrick Stewart and director James Mangold, and a behind-the-scenes look at Jackman’s emotional final day shooting Logan.

It’s crazy to think that it’s been 17 years since we first saw Jackman as Wolverine, a role that Dougray Scott originally turned down due to scheduling issues with Mission: Impossible II. Well, here we are, with the third and very best solo Wolverine picture the screen has ever seen. As I said in my review, “assuming this actually remains Jackman’s final picture as Wolverine, what we have here is a bittersweet goodbye he can be absolutely proud of.”

Logan is currently in cinemas.

Image via 20th Century Fox
Image via 20th Century Fox
Image via 20th Century Fox

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