‘Logan’ Crushes Box Office with Huge Opening

Image via 20th Century Fox

In 2D and with an R rating in the US, Logan has given Fox their third biggest opening of all time.

Hugh Jackman’s third solo Wolverine movie, and apparently his last, has raked in a massive $US237.8 million worldwide across 81 markets. Logan hit the number 1 position in 80 of the 81 markets that saw the film released, with Turkish comedy Recep Ivedik 5 taking the top position in its market.

The film opened to a very impressive $US85.3 million in the US, which makes it the fifth-highest grossing opening for an R-rated film in the country. While that’s certainly an impressive opening on the film’s home turf, it’s still quite a distance away from Deadpool jaw-dropping opening weekend pull of $US132.4 million – the biggest opening ever for an R-rated picture in the US.

The international numbers were led by China, where the film saw an impressive $US41 million, followed by the U.K. ($US11.4 million), South Korea ($US8.2 million), Brazil ($US8.17 million) and Russia ($US7.1 million).

To put it all in perspective: Logan cost $US97 million to produce. The $US237.8 million worldwide draw in just a few days showcases yet another sign that audiences are willing to fork out their cash for more adult superhero fare – assuming the quality is great, of course. Deadpool‘s altogether pull of $US783.1 million made it the highest-grossing R-rated picture ever, and no doubt paved the way for 20th Century Fox to give an adult-targeted Wolverine film the green light.

Time will tell where Logan ends up on the overall box office scale, but for now we can be grateful for yet another sign to studios that when it comes to superhero films, they can fork out a production budget under $US100 million, aim for the adults and still make a mint.

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Story sources: THR, Variety

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