Netflix Releases Trailer for Louis C.K. Comedy Special

Image via Netflix

A trailer has been released for Louis C.K.’s upcoming Netflix stand-up comedy special.

Simply titled Louis C.K. 2017, the comedian’s new show covers musings “on religion, eternal love, giving dogs drugs, email fights, teachers and more”. The live performances was filmed live in Washington DC.

“Louis has been one of the most innovative comedy voices in this new era of stand up,” Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer at Netflix, said in a statement. “He has also been a thought leader in the business of comedy. We have marveled at his creativity and his ability to invent comedically and commercially, and are thrilled that he is bringing his newest specials to Netflix.”

This is actually the first of two stand-up specials that Louis C.K. will be delivering to Netflix. Check out the simple trailer below, showing as the comedian puts on a suit (!) and heads on stage.

The special drops on April 4.

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