‘Lowdown Dirty Criminals’ Trailer: Criminal Laughs in New Zealand Crime Comedy

Monster Pictures

The trailer has been released for Lowdown Dirty Criminals, a comedy crime caper from New Zealand.

The film stars James Rolleston (The Dead Lands, The Dark Horse, and who you may remember as the titular Boy in Taika Waititi’s fantastic 2010 dramedy) and Samuel Austin as two down-on-their-luck young men who decide that a life of crime may be the answer. Their first job goes pear shaped and kicks off a snowballing series of events that puts them in the sights of “The Upholsterer,” played by Rebecca Gibney.

“I could imagine myself playing the character of Freddy as soon as I read the script,” said Rolleston. “It was absolutely awesome working with such a talented cast and crew. There were a lot of laughs on set and I’m really grateful to be a part of such a fun film.”

The film is directed by Paul Murphy (Second Hand Wedding, Love Birds) and written by David Brechin-Smith (The Insiders Guide to Happiness, The Hopes & Dreams of Gazza Snell).

Said Murphy: “Bringing Lowdown Dirty Criminals to life on the big screen was an absolute joy right from the start. It was a privilege to work with such a stellar cast and crew and I’m confident audiences are going to love this buddy-comedy and its eclectic characters.”

Lowdown Dirty Criminals, also starring Robbie Magasiva (Sione’s Wedding, Wentworth) and Cohen Holloway (Hunt for the Wilderpeople), will be released in Australia and New Zealand by Monster Pictures on August 20th.

Official synopsis for Lowdown Dirty Criminals:

LOWDOWN DIRTY CRIMINALS follows two naïve young men who are in search of a better life, encountering unsavoury situations and people along the way. Freddy (James Rolleston) and Marvin (Samuel Austin) have their sights set on a future filled with “monies and honeys”, believing that a life of crime and debauchery will get them there.


Unfortunately for the boys, living a life of crime comes with consequences. When a series of straightforward jobs are botched, they cross paths with their most intimidating enemy yet, The Upholsterer (Rebecca Gibney). The ensuing chaos caused by her two henchmen Semo (Robbie Magasiva) and Roy (Cohen Holloway) on their hunt to find the boys forces them to reconsider their careers as criminals.

Monster Pictures