Watch: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Action Without CG is Spectacular


George Miller crafted one hell of an action film with Mad Max: Fury Road.

The ultra-kinetic post-apocalyptic actioner boasted some seriously incredible sequences, made all the more impressive because a ton of it was done for real.

An awesome behind-the-scenes video has been released online, and it’s getting quite a lot of viral attention. There’s good reason for the video’s 2 million-plus views in under one week: the footage is jaw-dropping. The film’s gutsy stunt team, drivers, explosive experts and more worked seriously hard to deliver the fantastic action we witnessed on-screen, and kudos are in order for them delivering the crazy work without major injuries being reported.

It’s just fascinating to see just how much was done in-camera here, considering the over-abundance of CGI on offer in blockbusters.

Check out the glorious video below:

mad max fury road poster

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