Martin Sheen Joins Warren Beatty’s Howard Hughes Movie


For those who weren’t aware, Warren Beatty, the Academy Award-winning actor-director behind the classic films Heaven Can Wait, Reds, Dick Tracy and Bulworth, is developing a film surrounding Howard Hughes, the American business magnate, aviator, and philanthropist previously played by Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator. The film will tell the story of Hughes’ assistant (played by Alden Ehrenreich) and his love interest (Lily Collins). Beatty will be playing Hughes. Annette Bening and Matthew Broderick will also star.

Deadline is reporting that Martin Sheen is the latest star to be cast in the film, known as The Untitled Warren Beatty Project. Sheen and Beatty have been friends for quite a long time, but this will mark their first time working together. It isn’t yet known what role Sheen is to take on.

The project is being funded by billionaires Ron Burkle and Steve Bing, with Windsor Media’s Terry Semel, Arnon Milchan’s New Regency and James Packer producing. Brett Ratner’s RatPac Entertainment is also on board, with Ratner and Beatty producing and Packer exec producing.

Source: Deadline

  • love it. One of the things that interest me is that part of Beatty’s personality that is similar to Steve Jobs, who I knew, and Howard Hughes, who I talked to once. Both these guys were hard to work for, both were brilliant, and both took perfectionism to an extreme. I think Beatty is in that same group and the result will be a film that is beyond good. It will be superb. My only regret is that I am not an actor and can’t be a part of this historical event.

    • You’ve met both? Your so lucky! I’m so glad Beatty is getting back into filmmaking. He’s always been great, in front and behind the camera.