‘Metal Gear Solid’ Movie: Oscar Isaac Cast as Solid Snake

The planned Metal Gear Solid movie, which has been in the works at Sony for years and years now, finally has its star.

Oscar Isaac has signed on to play Solid Snake, the lead character from the Metal Gear Solid video game created by Hideo Kojima. Deadline broke the news, reporting that although there’s no official word on when cameras will be rolling, having Isaac on board is a big sign that the project is moving into Sony’s high priority list.

On board to helm the film is Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who directed monster film Kong: Skull Island and coming-of-age film The Kings of Summer. You can expect Vogt-Roberts is raring to get this thing going; he’s been attached to the project since 2014. The screenplay comes from Derek Connolly, who co-wrote Vogt-Roberts’ Kong: Skull Island and the Jurassic World movies.

The 1998 PlayStation game told of a soldier, Snake, whose mission it is to intfiltrate a nuclear weapons facility and take down a terrorist threat coming from renegade special forces unit Foxhound. The game followed overhead stealth games Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake and spawned a number of sequels, as well as media adaptations such as comics and novels.

Isaac has a lot on the horizon, including Dennis Villeneuve’s highly-anticipated Dune, Barry Levinson’s Francis and The Godfather (with Jake Gyllenhaal), Paul Schrader thriller The Card Counter, HBO mini-series Scenes from a Marriage (with Jessica Chastain) and Marvel series Moon Knight.


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