Michael Caton-Jones Directing Fantasy ‘The Giant Under the Snow’


Michael Caton-Jones, director of This Boy’s Life, Rob Roy, The Jackal, and City by the Sea (pictured) is attached to direct the fantasy epic The Giant Under the Snow.

Based on the children’s novel by John Gordon, The Giant Under the Snow will tell of three children that find a rusted old relic containing a terrifying power during a snowy Christmas. The force they uncover thrusts them into a world of ancient magic and evil. As Variety reports, “the children must return the relic to its rightful owner as whoever possesses the relic can wake the legendary giant under the snow and use him as a force for good or evil.”

Caton-Jones is currently developing the screenplay alongside Tom Williams (Chalet Girl, Kajaki), with a plan for the live-action picture to incorporate “some CGI.”

The Giant Under the Snow will begin shooting in October, with a plan to hit U.S. cinemas in Christmas 2016.


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