‘Moonwalkers’ Red Band Trailer Depicts the Crazy Fake Moon Landing

Have a look at the red band trailer for Moonwalkers, a wild dark comedy tackling the conspiracy that America’s moon landing was faked and running as far with it as it can.

Ron Perlman plays a CIA agent who is hired by the U.S. Government to hire director Stanley Kubrick in the hope that he will direct their fake moon landing; after all, the Russians can’t be the first to place a flag there. In comes Rupert Grint’s Jonny, a lousy rock band manager who decides to trick the Government by bringing in his Kubrick look-alike.

This looks like a good bit of non-PC fun. The tone certainly looks crazy, with violent showdowns, drug use and profanity thrown every which way, which, done right, is just fine with us.

Moonwalkers, written by Death at a Funeral scribe Dean Craig, opens in the U.S. on January 15.


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