More Bad News: Netflix, Amazon Pass on Hannibal

Hannibal - Season 1

Okay, things are starting to look dire.

Fans have been reeling since NBC’s decision to cancel Hannibal, and every glimmer of hope for a new home has been met with nothing but setbacks.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller revealed that there were talks with Netflix and Amazon to take the series to season 4, but you can take that shred of a dream and throw it in the frying pan. They don’t want it.

Here’s what Fuller tweeted in reply to a fan question.

It’s another disheartening step back, especially following the news that Hannibal‘s cast members had officially been let go from their contracts. At this point, the cast, including Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy, will be looking to sign on for their next jobs.

Still, never say never. “Fannibals” are still going hard on the #SaveHannibal campaign:

…and the producers at De Laurentiis Company are still positive:

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