XOXO: Trailer Arrives for New ‘Gossip Girl’ Series, with Kristen Bell Back on Scandal Duty


The trailer has arrived for the new Gossip Girl series that’s set for a start in July.

“Did you miss me? I know I’ve missed you,” the scandal queen is back, once again voiced by Kristen Bell. This time, though, Gossip Girl is back sharing the goss through an anonymous Instagram account. In her sights: a new group of elite Manhattan private schoolers chasing influence and status through a loyal social following.

The soft reboot is a sort of sequel to the first hit series, taking place in the same world where the previous characters can be referenced and can even make appearances, so you can imagine there could be some juicy reveals lined up down the track. As for the new show’s plot, fans will notice a number of similarities with the first (a newby arrives, making their way into a hierarchy of troubled, wealthy kids), albeit with a roster of more diverse characters.

The series has been developed, written and executive produced by Joshua Safran, co-creator of the original series. The cast includes Jordan Alexander, Eli Brown, Thomas Doherty, Tavi Gevinson, Emily Alyn Lind, Evan Mock, Zion Moreno, Whitney Peak and Savannah Lee Smith.

The new Gossip Girl series will premiere on July 8th, on Binge in Australia and HBO Max in the US.


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