New ‘Unfriended: Dark Web’ Trailer Puts the Focus on Snuff Thrills

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The latest trailer for tech-horror pic Unfriended: Dark Web offers up a bit more of the nastiness we can expect from the upcoming sequel.

You know this type of concept by now: we follow characters via their monitors as all matter of online-stemmed malice takes ’em down. The first Unfriended carried its simple concept as well as it could, providing some suspense whilst sticking to the ‘unlikeable people doing silly things’ tropes that plagues a lot of horror films. The sequel could pack more of a gritty punch, as we go to the Dark Web and explore the snuff video market and human trafficking. Check out the new marketing piece below.

It’ll be interesting to see how this one does compared to the decent-looking, John Cho-starring internet thriller Searching, which arrives in Australia on September 13.

Unfriended: Dark Web, starring Colin Woodell, Betty Gabriel, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Andrew Lees, Connor Del Rio, Stephanie Nogueras and Savira Windyani, will open in the US on July 20 and arrives Down Under on August 9.

Official synopsis for Unfriended: Dark Web:

Unfolding in real-time UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB​​ is the most terrifying horror yet from the producer of GET OUT, HAPPY DEATH DAY and THE PURGE, and the makers of UNFRIENDED.


​When a 20-something finds a cache of hidden files on his new laptop, he and his friends are unwittingly thrust into the depths of the dark web. They soon discover someone has been watching their every move and will go to unimaginable lengths to protect the dark web.

Written and directed by Stephen Susco (THE GRUDGE), UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB is produced by Timur Bekmambetov, Bazelevs Productions and Jason Blum, Blumhouse Productions

Universal Pictures

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