Nicolas Cage Hosting Netflix Series ‘History Of Swear Words’; Here’s a Clip with Your First Word

Photo credit: Adam Rose / Netflix

That’s f**king right, The Cage will be teaching us all about cuss words.

Netflix has announced that Oscar winner Nicolas Cage will be hosting History of Swear Words, a six-part comedic show described by Netflix as “a loud and proudly profane series that explores the origins, pop culture usage, science and cultural impact of curse words.” F**k yeah. The series will look at the origins of the words “f*ck”, “sh*t”, “b*tch”, “d*ck”, “pu**y” and “damn” – a few of which are almost family-friendly at this point.

Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman, Baron Vaughn, Nikki Glaser and Jim Jefferies are among the guest stars. The show will also have a number of experts, such as cognitive scientist Benjamin Bergen and linguist Anne Charity Hudley, among others.

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Netflix has unveiled a clip from the series, with Cage introducing one of the words we’ll be studying. “Men have died for it,” Cage says, while painting. “Women have moved in with each other way too soon for it. And to fully capture its essence, we must plunge, unafraid, deep within its enchanted garden.” Yep, it’s the P-word.

History of Swear Words will be streaming on Netflix from January 5th.