‘Outback’ Trailer: A Survival Thriller in Australia’s Dangerous Backyard

Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Check out the new trailer Lionsgate Home Entertainment has released for Aussie survival thriller Outback

The film follows a young American couple – played by Lauren Lofberg and Taylor Wiese – that find themselves in trouble during a trip to the Australian Outback. What they had hoped would be a trip that sparks up their failing romance, is soon a fight for survival. Snakes, scorpions, no food, no water… yeah, they’re not in for a great time. At least they don’t have Mick Taylor to deal with.

This marks the feature debut for Aussie filmmaker Mike Green, who’s credits include short films, second assistant director on last year’s big Crocodile Dundee sequel campaign from Tourism Australia, and additional unit assistant on Justin Kurzel’s Snowtown.

Outback is released in the U.S. on DVD, Digital and On Demand on June 9. Bonsai Films has it for Australian release, although there’s no domestic release date that we could find as yet.

Synopsis for Outback:

Outback tells the terrifying tale of a young couple lost in the wilderness and fighting for survival. Wade and Lisa head to Australia hoping to recharge their failing romance. When their GPS fails, they leave their car and head off on foot to find a new route. As night falls, they must spend the night in the bush without food, water, or weapons, surrounded by snakes, scorpions, and wild dogs. Now, one decision could mean the difference between life…and certain death.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment

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