Next Paolo Sorrentino Movie to Focus on Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

Photo credit: GIANNI FIORITO
Photo credit: GIANNI FIORITO

Award-winning Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino shows no sign of slowing down.

Since the 2013 drama The Great Beauty, which took home the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, the writer-director has directed two short films, a segment in the extended Brazil ad that was Rio, I Love You, a TV movie, the Oscar-nominated Youth, starring Michael Caine, and all ten episodes of the upcoming HBO series The Young Pope.

You can now add another biopic to the man’s ever-growing resume. Variety is reporting that Sorrentino is moving quickly onto a drama about Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian prime minster who held the position four times, defining quite an era in Italy. The film has apparently been titled Loro, which means “them” in Italian and sounds similar to the word “L’oro,” which translates as “gold.”

Loro will depict both Berlusconi and his political inner circle and will apparently not bea scathing critique on his life or the team’s political choices.

Sorrentino is no stranger to political biopics, having directed the 2008 picture Il Divo, which saw Sorrentino’s Great Beauty star Tony Servillo playing seven-time Italian prime minster Giulio Andreotti.

The filmmaker is expected to have Loro‘s screenplay finished relatively soon, with a potential shooting start as early as mid-next year.