Prince Avalanche Featurette

A great little featurette on Prince Avalanche, the new dramedy from director David Gordon Green (George Washington, Pineapple Express). Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch star as two highway road workers that spend the summer of 1988 away from their city lives. It looks pretty good, but it won’t be getting a large release. Even this featurette is for the film’s “on demand” availability.

David Gordon Green began his filmmaking career making great little character studies before getting into bigger comedies. While Pineapple Express was great, Your Highness and The Sitter were pretty mediocre. Hopefully this sees him successfully return to his roots.

Official synopsis and poster underneath the featurette.

Official Synopsis:

An odd couple of sorts, meditative and stern Alvin and his girlfriend’s brother, Lance, dopey and insecure, leave the city behind to spend the summer in solitude repainting traffic lines down the center of a country highway ravaged by wildfire. As they sink into their job in the remarkable landscape, they learn more than they want to about each other and their own limitations. An unlikely friendship develops through humor and nasty exchanges, leading to surprising affection. Adapted from Icelandic film Either Way, Prince Avalanche is driven by wonderful performances by Paul Rudd, Emile Hirsch, and Lance LeGault. Writer/director David Gordon Green gets back to his independent roots with this character study, which shows his knack for realistically capturing people and finding meaning in their lives and dreams.


Prince Avalanche is now available on iTunes, On Demand and is having a limited theatrical release in the United States.

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