Exciting New ‘Raised by Wolves’ Trailer Unveils More of Ridley Scott’s Epic Sci-Fi Series


Take a look at the big new trailer that’s arrived for Raised by Wolves, the upcoming HBO Max sci-fi series executive produced by Alien and The Martian filmmaker Ridley Scott.

The series follows two androids (Amanda Collin and Abubakar Salim star as Mother and Father, respectively) that are tasked with raising human children on a new planet. Believing that religious differences are what destroyed humans originally, the androids raise the children as atheists. Everything takes a dark turn when a group of humans, led by Marcus (Aussie Vikings actor Travis Fimmel), arrive on the planet, determined to take the children from the androids.

The show was created by Aaron Guzikowski, writer of Denis Villeneuve’s impressive 2013 thriller Prisoners, with Scott directing both the pilot and second episode. Visually, it looks spectacular, and if the sci-fi elements are well handled this could be something special indeed. Seeing Mother absolutely lose it could be the price of a streaming subscription alone. Can’t wait.

Raised by Wolves will begin on HBO Max and Australia’s Foxtel on September 3rd.

HBO Max / Coco Van Oppens
HBO Max / Coco Van Oppens

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