The ‘Red Sonja’ Movie is Now on the Fast-Track

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Millennium Films is keen to get a Red Sonja movie in cinemas as soon as possible.

The studio has pushed the project onto fast-track development based on the success of Warner Bros’ DC film Wonder Woman, which showcased the profitability of a female-led studio blockbuster (over $US821 million worldwide).

Deadline is reporting that screenwriter Ashley Edward Miller, known for X-Men: First Class, Thor, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Fringe, has been hired to write the Red Sonja film.

This will be the first time the Marvel comics-spawned heroine has been taken to the big screen since 1985’s Red Sonja, with Brigitte Nielsen as the titular character and Arnold Schwarzenegger co-starring. The character was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Barry Windsor Smith and was partially based on Robert E. Howard’s creation ‘Red Sonya of Rogatino’, from his 1934 short story The Shadow of the Vulture.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to faithfully adapt the amazing Hyborean world Robert E. Howard created, and inject it with Sonja’s intelligence, ferocity, and fearless humanity,” Miller said in a statement. “I want people to love Sonja the way I love her, and walk out of the theater understanding why she’s so popular and enduring. Sonja is an icon.”

A new Red Sonja movie has been circling fruition for quite a while now. Rose McGowan was attached to play the “She Devil with a Sword” back in 2010, but that reportedly fell through due to injuries she suffered in a car crash. 2011 saw producer Ari Arad, who’s still on board, reveal that Amber Heard was on board to play Red Sonja in a film directed by Con Air helmer Simon West; that also failed to get off the ground.

Stay tuned.

Here’s the trailer for the ’85 film, directed by Richard Fleischer (Soylent Green, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea):

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