Watch an Ultra-Violent ‘Rick and Morty’ Anime Samurai Short Film

Adult Swim / Toonami

As more celebs tell us to chill during this time, it’s easy to remember what Jerry once said: “Stop telling me to relax! Have you ever tried to relax? It’s a paradox!” 

Thankfully, we’ve got some new Rick and Morty action to enjoy. Relaxing? Hmm… perhaps not so much, but still awesome! Slicing and dicing and a flood of crimson are on offer in a new Rick and Morty anime short that Adult Swim has released online. Titled Samurai & Shogun, the short plays clear homage to the classic manga Lone Wolf and Cub, which was itself adapted into films and series. Of course, it’s Ricky and Morty, so there’s a dose of the psychedelic as well.

“Yeah so we spent a year putting together a five minute Rick and Morty Lone Wolf & Cub anime short for you guys,” tweeted Jason DeMarco, co-creator of Adult Swim’s anime programming block Toonami. “Here it is, hope you dig it! Don’t tell me we don’t have the most fun!”

Take a look at the short below, which… could be canon? “Let the canon debates begin,” read a tweet from the official Twitter account. It’s bonkers, gruesome, and beautifully crafted. It’s also a very welcome surprise, particularly since there’s – sigh – still no word as to when we’ll be getting the next half of season 4.

Adult Swim / Toonami

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