Get Excited: So Many New ‘Rick & Morty’ Episodes Have Just Been Ordered by Adult Swim

Adult Swim

Oh yeah, we’re going to be getting schwifty for years.

If you were worried at all about a lack of Ricky and Morty on the horizon, don’t be: there’s plenty to come. Adult Swim has just locked in a long-term deal with creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland for a whopping 70 new episodes. SEVENTY.

That’s one hell of a renewal order. To give you an idea of how much we have to come, the three seasons of Rick and Morty that have aired since arriving in 2013 amount to only 31 episodes.

Roiland and Harmon took to Instagram to mark the occasion, sharing the following video of them in the shower…

Adult Swim is clearly keen to get Harmon and Roiland back to work on the animated series, which has proven to be a ratings hit for the network. According to Neilsen ratings numbers, Rick and Morty was the highest-rated comedy, in either cable or broadcast, among millennials throughout 2017. In the US, the show saw bigger ratings than The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and Saturday Night Live for adults aged 18-24 and 18-34.

Now, there’s just the matter of waiting for Harmon and Roiland to deliver. We waited more than a year for season 2 to arrive following the season 1 finale and then almost two years for season 3 to start. Now that Roiland’s out of the shower, perhaps they can get cracking.

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