‘Roma’: Watch a Fantastic 30-Minute Q&A with Filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón


Netflix has released a 30-minute conversation with master filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men, Gravity, Y Tu Mamá También), discussing a variety of topics relating to the making of his latest feature film, Roma.

If you still haven’t seen film Roma, do yourself a favour and line it up as soon as you can. The film is set in Mexico City in the early ’70s and follows a middle-class family and Cleo, one of their maids. Based on Cuarón’s own upbringing, it’s an emotional, skillfully crafted piece of cinema that creeps up on you with its power, with strong performances from a mostly unprofessional cast and seamless technical wizardry.

The Q&A below is a must for fans of the film, of Cuarón, and of cinema in general. It’s also a must for aspiring filmmakers. Since he’s talking in front of a variety of film students here, Cuarón delves into quite of lot behind-the-scenes topics, from shooting on 16mm in black and white, to doing his best to avoid influences and references from other films, to giving each cast member different and often contradictory direction, to his interest in long takes, to how they crafted that incredible beach sequence.

As for his fascinating placement of camera and the film’s visual language: “The importance was that the camera was this ghost of the present, travelling to the past, and just hovering, observing everything, honouring time and space.”

Cuarón not only directed and wrote Roma, he’s also the film’s cinematographer, co-editor and one of the producers. It’s quite a feat.

Check out the Q&A below, and be sure to watch Roma right HERE.