Ryan Kwanten Stars as Venom in Short Film


True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten stars as Venom in Truth In Journalism, a short film written and directed by Joe Lynch. The short is about a film crew that follow around a young and cocky journalist, Eddie Brock (Kwanten). It’s an awesome 17-minute look at one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains.

truth-in-journalism-posterFans should have a field day with the references to the comic. This serves as a reminder of just how Venom’s character was wasted in Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. Kwanten is pretty damn good here, giving a great performance that may raise the eyebrows of a prospective film producer thinking of giving Venom another shot.


“This was 200% pure “passion project”, a dream come true for a comics ‘n cult-film loving fan to work within two distinct worlds I grew up loving. As a lover of mixing pop culture into storytelling, in a Warholian way, TRUTH IN JOURNALISM is pure ‘Pop Art’. I’ve rarely been as proud of something I’ve created as much as I had with this project and thrilled the TRUTH has been unleashed to the world. To CineMAAA!” – Director, Joe Lynch.

The fan-made short premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Adi Shankar, the short-film’s producer, also has a great take on the Punisher, starring Thomas Jane. Check it out below:

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