Watch: Sacha Baron Cohen Teases New Show with Dick Cheney Signing a Waterboard Kit

“Is it possible to sign my waterboard kit?” Sacha Baron Cohen asks former US Vice President Dick Cheney. “Sure,” comes the reply.

Yes, Cohen’s back at it, targeting high-profile figures with his satirical, out-there brand of comedy. The Borat, Ali G and Bruno actor has a new series on the way, and it could be hitting Showtime in under a week!

Showtime has released a number of intriguing promos teasing a mystery show that they can’t reveal anything about; only that it’s kicking off on July 15. Then Cohen dropped a tease showing Donald Trump and shortly afterwards came word that he’d entered talks with Showtime to distribute his new show.

Now, we have our first taste of what we can expect. “Imagine if Sacha Baron Cohen had been undercover secretly filming a new show for a year,” reads the tease below, before showcasing that bizarre moment with Cheney.

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