Sally Field and Julia Roberts in a Cursing Competition

The battle for ratings between talk shows used to be fought solely on television, but there’s a huge value in putting out content that has viral capability. So, why not have The Flying Nun verse Pretty Woman in a cursing competition? Yep, it’s Sally Field vs. Julia Roberts in a Curse-Off on Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC’s late-night talk show. It’s an amusing bit, with Field letting them fly without any sort of hesitation. Roberts struggles, delivering gems like “rusty trombone.” It’s pretty obvious what profanities are being delivered, but an uncensored version would be pretty funny as well.

It was a tremendous honour to have both Sally Field and Julia Roberts on our show. It was also an opportunity to find out which of these incredibly talented women had the foulest mouth as the two of them competed in our first ever #CelebrityCurseOff.