Screen Gems to Distribute ‘The Last of Us’ Movie


To many, The Last of Us may not only be the one of best video games of last year, but one of the best video games ever. As is expected, a successful game, especially one as cinematic as this, will always capture the eyes of filmmakers. Get ready then, for a live-action adaptation of The Last Us, the best-selling Playstation 3 title from game developer Naughty Dog.

Deadline is reporting that Neil Druckmann, the game’s Creative Director, is to write the film’s screenplay. Naughty Dog co-presidents Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra, as well as Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Straley, will develop the film with Sam Raimi, under his Ghost House Pictures banner.

The brilliant game tells the story of Joel, a hardened survivor who teams with young and capable companion Ellie to journey through a world some 20 years after an infectious pandemic ravaged humanity. A perfect mix of zombie-type horror and character-driven drama, the game has won many awards, including Best Animated Video Game at the Annie Awards, an award ceremony for accomplishments in animation.

Clint Culpepper, Screen Gems president, said: “Screen Gems’ Brian Dukes and Eric Ling brought this game to my attention insisting we go after it, and when I saw the quality of the storytelling, I knew the audience for this project was far greater than just the gaming community and that Neil Druckmann must write the screenplay…Sam and his team at Ghost House round out the perfect team to help realise Neil’s vision.”

The fact that Screen Gems is working so closely with the game’s core developers can only be a good thing, providing confidence in a film that should, hopefully, capture what made the game so damn good.

Source: Deadline