Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Producing Preacher Series

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg - preacher

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are to produce the television adaptation of Preacher, based on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s controversial 1990s comic book series. THR has reported that the duo, who also penned and directed the hit comedy This is the End, have joined forces with AMC after lengthy negotiations. Sam Catlin, a producer from AMC’s Breaking Bad, is also attached.

Preacher, a 1990s comic series from DC Comics imprint Vertigo, tells the story of Rev. Jesse Custer, a Texas preacher who, after being possessed by a supernatural creature named Genesis, receives the power to speak with the “Word of God” and command others to do his bidding. When Custer learns that God has left heaven, along with all of his heavenly duties, he embarks on a journey to track him down. He is accompanied on his journey by Tulip O’Hare, his beer-guzzling vampire ex-girlfriend. As if this trip isn’t hard or dangerous enough, The Saint of Killers, an immortal killing machine and Western lone gunman type, is hot on their trail.

preacher1Rogen and Goldberg are to pen the screenplay, and are attached as executive producers since the series will be produced via their Point Grey Pictures banner. Catlin is attached as showrunner.

Preacher has had quite a journey to get to our screens. HBO was close to developing the series a few years ago, but pulled out due it being “too dark and too violent and too controversial.” HBO thought that!? Even Sam Mendes and Kevin Smith came close to bringing Preacher to the big screen.

We’re pretty damn excited that Preacher is finally getting an adaptation. We placed the comic at the number one spot in our Top Ten Comics that Should be Movies list, yeah, this isn’t a movie, but who can complain?

It’s great to see this project getting the green light, along with the support from Preacher’s creators. Comic writer Garth Ennis spoke on the news, saying, “Steve Dillon and I are very happy to see Preacher being developed for TV, which seems a much more natural home for the story than a two-hour movie…Obviously it’s taken a while, but Ken Levin along with Neal Moritz and his team refused to give up, long after the point when I myself grew skeptical, and their unrelenting enthusiasm for the project has gotten us where we need to be. I’m particularly impressed that Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Sam Catlin understand Preacher fully — meaning they get it for what it is, not some vague approximation.”

Despite rampant rumours, there is no word confirming whether or not Rogen is to star in the series. We highly doubt that he’ll be cast as the lead.

Let the comic book take-over of television continue.

Source: THR

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  1. Supernatural has already broken the ground for this kind of genre. This is the story line that will take it up a notch. Think what deadwood did to westerns, this is going to be great.

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