Watch the Horror Short Film the Director of ‘Shazam’ & ‘Lights Out’ Made at Home During Quarantine

David F. Sandberg

A little annoyed with yourself for not being perhaps a little more productive during quarantine? This… probably won’t make you feel better. But it could provide some motivation!

Director David F. Sandberg could have crafted himself the inspiration for another feature horror film here. The Swedish filmmaker went viral with his very creepy 2013 short film Lights Out (watch it below), which was the catalyst for him getting Hollywood’s attention and eventually directing a hit film adaptation: 2016’s James Wan-produced film of the same name. He went big for his feature follow-up, scoring directing duties on DC film Shazam!; he is also currently working on the sequel.

Take a look at his new short, Shadowed, which Sandberg has crafted at home during this period of quarantine. The lead actress is Lotta Losten, married to Sandberg, who also starred in the Lights Out short. Shadowed is an eerie little short – and it could easily be looked at as a sequel of sorts to Lights Out. This lady really doesn’t have luck, does she? Terrorised by malevolent entities that live in the dark in that previous short, she is now haunted by spirits that manifest as shadows.

Enjoy the short below. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the other videos on Sandberg’s YouTube channel. It’s a goldmine for indie filmmakers and those interested in wanting to know more about the craft.

And for good measure, watch (or re-watch) the original Lights Out short…

David F. Sandberg