Watch: Sherlock Christmas Special Clip & Comic-Con Greeting

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman’s John Watson will be having an adventure in a Victorian-era setting in an upcoming Sherlock Christmas special, and we’ve get the fantastic first clip released during Comic-Con right here for you to watch.

Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs) meets Sherlock and Watson as they arrive at 221B Baker Street. What follows is an amusing scene in which Mrs. Hudson informs Watson of what she thinks of his books and the role she plays in them. “Don’t feel singled out, Mrs. Hudon,” Sherlock tells her. “I was hardly in the dog one.”

Sherlock executive producer Steven Moffat announced that the special, which should be release in “the next year, we hope”, would also getting a release in “select theaters” around the world.

Cumberbatch wasn’t in the panel this year, but he did appear in an amusing video greeting alongside Andy Scott, who plays the villainous Moriarty, and Mark Gatiss, the Sherlock exec producer who also plays our detective’s brother.




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