‘Space Force’ Season 2: Netflix Launching Steve Carell Comedy Series into Second Season


Space Force season 2 is a go for launch. Netflix has greenlit a second season of the Steve Carell-starring comedy series, which the actor co-created alongside The Office (U.S.) co-creator Greg Daniels.

THR broke the news, reporting that there are a few changes being made when it comes to the creative team. Norm Hiscock, whose credits include Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation and King of the Hill, will be joining the series as co-showrunner with Daniels. Also, co-star Jimmy O. Yang will be joining the writing team going forward.

It’s one of the more expensive Netflix productions, including a hefty $US1 million-per-episode price tag that Carell reportedly earned for starring, co-creating and exec producing duties in season 1. In an effort to lower some of the shooting costs, the second season is said to be leaving Los Angeles to shoot in Vancouver instead.

Having Carell reunite with his Office showrunner was certainly an exciting proposition, particularly with a concept inspired by Trump’s order to have the space force become the sixth military branch of the US. Unfortunately, reviews were quite mixed, received poorly by critics (a 38% Rotten Tomatoes score from critics, for example), although fairing better with audiences (a 75% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.8 score on IMDb).

The show may not have been the runaway success Netflix and co. would have liked, but it appears that they’re looking at a long game. THR’s sources are saying that the powers that be are hoping Space Force s2 will give the comedy series “the runway to grow creatively and better connect with viewers and critics alike much in the same way The Office broke out in its subsequent seasons.”

Cameras on Space Force season 2 will begin rolling in 2021.


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