New ‘Space Sweepers’ Trailer Unveils More of Netflix’s Epic South Korean Space Adventure


An action-packed new trailer has arrived for Space Sweepers, an upcoming Netflix sci-fi film from South Korea. 

From director Jo Sung-hee (A Werewolf Boy, Phantom Detective), the space adventure is set in 2092 and follows a space crew who make a living salvaging space debris. Things take a turn when they come across a space shuttle holding a young girl, who’s actually a humanlike robot wanted by space guards. Thinking this may be their jackpot, the crew decides to demand a ransom.

Following the trailer released earlier this month, the new trailer offers up another highly energetic look at what could be quite a fun space opera. Those special effects look pretty impressive, too.

Space Sweepers, starring Song Joong-ki (Descendants of the SunA Werewolf Boy), Kim Tae-ri (Mr. SunshineThe Handmaiden), Jin Sun-kyu (KingdomExtreme Job) and Yoo Hai-jin (Confidential AssignmentA Taxi Driver), will be launching onto Netflix on February 5th.

Official synopsis for Space Sweepers:

Set in 2092, Earth has become a bleak planet which will soon be uninhabitable. Spaceship Victory is one of the many that live off salvaging space debris. Crewed with a genius space pilot Tae-ho, a mysterious ex-space pirate Captain Jang, an ex-con spaceship engineer Tiger Park, and a reprogrammed military robot Bubs, Spaceship Victory surpasses all other space sweepers. After successfully snatching a crashed space shuttle in the latest debris chase, Victory’s crew find a 7-year-old girl inside. They realize that she’s the humanlike robot wanted by UTS Space Guards, and decide to demand ransom in exchange.



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