Star Wars Companion Short ‘Black Angel’ to Become a Movie

black angel

A fantasy short film titled Black Angel accompanied certain screenings of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in 1980. Now, thirty-five years later, that short is being adapted into a feature film.

A report by THR has revealed that Black Angel, a 25-minute long short film that told of a knight on a mission against evil in order to free a maiden, will see its original writer and director return at the helm.

black angel
Martina Pilcerova concept art, Black Angel Indiegogo Campaign

Nostradamus and Battlefield Earth director Roger Christian is to write and direct a feature adaption of his first ever project as director.

The film, which Christian says will have a budget of “around $15 million”, is set to star Rutger Hauer and John Rhys-Davies, with more cast members to be announced at a later date.

The Carnaby International-backed project is also hitting up some crowdfunding to help production costs. A 45-day Indiegogo campaign will aim to bring in $100,000, so if you were a fan of the short or simply love the idea and want to contribute, there are a few perks available for offerings. The major perk would be a two-frame negative from Star Wars: A New Hope, which was given to Christian by George Lucas.

Lucas may have commissioned the short, after apparently hating the short that was placed with Star Wars: A New Hope, but he’s not involved in the Black Angle feature. Still, he did offer Christian some advice. Christian says:

“…I sat with George [Lucas] for about an hour and went through the film, and he said you’re doing the right thing keeping it smaller, he said that was a very important lesson.”