‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Announcement Teaser Leaves Hawkins, Possibly Hints at Hopper Alive


Stranger Things is officially getting a fourth season.

Netflix has released an official announcement promo teaser to mark the news, confirming that there will be a big change of location in the next chapter. “We’re not in Hawkins anymore” appears on screen. The vision is of the upside down, with a certain cabin in the woods in particular focus. Check it out, then scroll down for what some of the theories are already saying about the footage…

A big part of the speculation that’s going around is coming as a result of that flashlight. Could it be Hopper (David Harbor)? That’s what some are saying online, meaning season 4 could reveal that Hopper actually jumped into the portal to the upside down just as the explosion went off in the season 3 finale, and now he’s trying to contact those back on the good side. Remember that Will used the lights back in season 1 to make contact with Joyce.


Oh, and there’s also a clock on that tree. Something else that’s making people get their eyes up to the screen for close inspection:

Just a few seconds of a promo and it’s enough to already drum up fan excitement and speculation for season 4. Nice work, Netflix. So, what do you reckon? Is that supposed to be Hopper?


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