After Snyder Cut News, ‘Suicide Squad’ Director Says His Ayer Cut “Would Be Easy to Complete”

Warner Bros.

Following the big announcement that Zack Snyder’s long-demanded cut of Justice League was officially becoming a reality, many eyes have moved towards Suicide Squad.

The 2016 anti-hero/villain team-up movie was another Warner Bros. DC picture that, generally speaking, failed to meet expectations. The film did well financially, earning $US746.8 million worldwide at the box office from an estimated $US175 million budget, but the audience and critical reception was far from successful.

Making his first comic book adaptation following gritty fare such as End of Watch and Fury, director David Ayer has talked about his disappointment with how the film came out. “If you set out to make a mass appeal movie, it’s easy to end up with vanilla,” Ayer said in early 2017. “But I went for it. And I know Squad has its flaws. Hell, the world knows it.”

Well, now with Justice League gearing up to have its intended cut released on HBO Max, Ayer has expressed his desire to see his original vision get released as well. “The film I made has never been seen,” Ayer wrote in response to a tweet.

“My cut would be easy to complete. It would be incredibly cathartic for me. It’s exhausting getting your ass kicked for a film that got the Edward Scissorhands treatment.”

Responding to another tweet, Ayer wrote that his cut of the film “isn’t the apotheosis of filmmaking. It’s simply better than what the public has seen – and yes it would make sense to update it.”

As far as what makes Ayer’s cut of Suicide Squad different, details are of course hard to come by. BUT, the director did retweet comments from someone that claimed to have seen an early version of the film that was unlike the cut released in cinemas. While this person couldn’t confirm whether or not was Ayer’s cut that he saw, he did say it was a “more narrative driven story” with an “air of mystery.”

And now we await to see if #ReleasetheAyerCut can get anywhere near the same amount of traction as #ReleasetheSnyderCut – and whether WB will respond to the pressure.

Warner Bros.


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