Taika Waititi Begins Filming Next Movie: “This Film is Going to Piss Off a Lot of Racists”

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Beloved New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi, who aced it with last year’s Thor: Ragnarok, is aiming to make racists pretty angry with his next movie.

Filming is officially underway on Jojo Rabbit, an anti-war satire that will find Waititi playing Hitler. Well, an imaginary Hitler, to be clear.

Based on the novel Caging Skies by New Zealand author Christine Leunens and adapted by Waititi, Jojo Rabbit will tell the story of an awkward young German boy (played by newcomer Roman Griffin Davis) being raised by a single mother (Scarlett Johansson). His only ally: his imaginary friend, Hitler (Waititi). The boy’s naïve patriotism is tested when he meets a young girl (Thomasin McKenzie) who upends his world views, forcing him to face his biggest fears.

Sam Rockwell, Rebel Wilson and Thomasin McKenzie also star in the picture, which has begun filming in and around Prague, Czech Republic.

“I’m stoked to begin shooting my anti-war satire,” Waititi said in a statement. “We’ve assembled an incredible cast and I couldn’t be more excited to finally ridicule Nazis and their beliefs. This film is going to piss off a lot of racists and that makes me very happy.”

And to further that ‘screw racists’ attitude, Waititi has released this pic from set today, showing him flipping the bird to a poster of Hitler. “What better way to insult Hitler than having him portrayed by a Polynesian Jew?” he posted on Twitter.

So yeah, Waititi will likely end up stirring the pot a bit with this one. We can’t freakin’ wait.

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  1. Congrats on pissing off potentially DOZENS of “Hitler Lovers” Box office smash no doubt!


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