‘The Auschwitz Report’ Trailer: Two Men Escape a Nazi Death Camp in Slovakia’s Harrowing Oscar Entry

Samuel Goldwyn Films

Released in time for Holocaust Memorial Day (January 27th), the trailer has arrived for Slovakia’s Best International Film entry for the Oscars, The Auschwitz Report.

Samuel Goldwyn Films has unveiled the first US trailer for the film, which tells the true story of two Jewish men from Slovakia who were imprisoned in the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi death camp. Incredibly, after careful planning and with the help of fellow inmates, they escaped on April 10th, 1944. After managing to make it across the border to the resistance and The Red Cross, the men decided it was imperative for them to spread the word about the atrocities being committed at the camp. But with the Nazi propaganda machine in full swing and international liaisons still in place, their account almost seemed to harrowing to believe.

It’s an incredible true story, and the trailer suggests the film adaptation could pack quite the punch. Sometimes if feels like the horrors of Nazi Germany were so long ago; then you realise that when these men escaped Auschwitz… that was under 80 years ago. The film is directed and co-written by Peter Bebjak (Crack, The Line) and inspired by the book What Dante Did Not See by Alfred Wetzler, one of the real-life two men who escaped.

The Auschwitz Report, starring Noel Czuczor, Peter Onderjička and John Hannah, is expected to hit cinemas later in the year.

Samuel Goldwyn Films


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