‘The Flash’ Movie Finally Gets Its Release Date

Warner Bros.

Yes, it looks like after being stuck in development hell for years, The Flash movie is actually heading to cinemas… For now.

Warner Bros. has scheduled the long-gestating Flash movie for US release on July 1st, 2022. As of now, that makes it the second DC movie lined up for release in that year; Aquaman 2 has been slated for December 16.

Ezra Miller, who has appeared as the DC speedster in three movies so far (none of them widely loved: Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Justice League), will be reprising the role in the feature.

It’s been a long time since WB announced that The Flash would be getting a solo movie. James Wan actually had a chance to direct the film, given the option of picking either The Flash or Aquaman; he chose the latter. The filmmakers that have come and gone from the director’s chair due to the dreaded “creative differences” include Dope helmer Rick Famuyiwa, Game Night helmers John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein, and The Batman Lego Movie writer Seth Graham-Smith.

Currently in talks to direct the film is Andy Muschietti, who gave Warner Bros. a double hit with the two It movies. Since the studio has actually announced a release date, you an assume that Muschietti is sticking with it. Birds of Prey scribe Christina Hodson is in talks for the screenplay.

It certainly looks like this is it. As Miller said in a Playboy interview: “Nothing is ever certain in this world, but as certain as things get, we’re making a f–king crazy-dope ‘Flash’ movie.”

We can only hope. Stay tuned.

Warner Bros.

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