‘The Furies’ Trailer: Masked Killers Slash ‘Em Up in This Aussie Gore-Fest

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Gore fiends and fans of indie horror may be interested in checking out Aussie effort The Furies.

The film follows a group of women that find themselves being hunted by men in seriously terrifying masks – and as you can see in the bloody trailer below, a bad time is had by many. The cast includes Airlie Dodds, Linda Ngo, Taylor Ferguson, Helana Sawires, Harriet Davies, Kaitlyn Boye, Jessica Baker and Danielle Horvat.

This one’s been handed an R rating in Australia for “High impact horror violence, blood and gore.” Usually, a classification like that gives a horror outing like this little chance for big screen distribution. Good news for writer-director Tony D’Aquino (Two Twisted) though: this one’s getting an Australian theatrical release on November 7, with advance screenings in time for Halloween, on the 31st of October. The Furies is also to screen at Australian genre film festival Monster Fest with opening night screenings in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Sydney.

“After sold out sessions at the some of the biggest genre festivals in the world, I’m so excited to see The Furies hit Australian screens and I can’t imagine a better way to start the blood pumping than the fabulous Monster Fest,” said Aquino.

Check out the red band trailer…

Synopsis for The Furies:

Rebellious high school students Kayla and her best friends Maddie are stalked and abducted by a sinister presence while out bombing their neighbourhood with graffiti. Waking up, in the woods, bound and disoriented in a claustrophobic coffin-like apparatus, Kayla’s first thought is of Maddie. Before she has a chance to ruminate on the dreadful fate that may have befallen her friend, Kayla notices a terrifying masked man fast approaching, armed with a razor-sharp axe. As a chase ensues, it soon becomes clear that Kayla and her pursuer are not alone. There are six more young women, each with a masked stalker assigned to them, hell-bent on murder. If that girl dies, so does the stalker – retinal cameras implanted in their eyes are unwilling players in a deadly game. As the threat of more killer closes in, she races to save as many girls as she can. But when the girls turn on each other, Kayla’s killer instinct in unleashed and she does whatever it takes to survive and seek revenge on her abductors.

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