‘The Kill Team’ Trailer: Alexander Skarsgård Wants Nat Wolff to Commit War Crimes in True Story


Take a look at the trailer A24 has dropped for The Kill Team, an upcoming war drama-thriller based on the true story of Adam C. Winfield, a young US soldier stationed in Afghanistan that found himself in a platoon responsible for the murders of unarmed civilians.

Nat Wolff plays the young soldier whose moral compass is tested when he witnesses the shocking behaviour of his team leader (Alexander Skarsgård) and the men beside him. When they begin to threaten him, it appears there’s much more on the line than his soul.

Writer-director Dan Krauss directed the 2013 documentary of the same name that tackled this troubling 2010 case, which put the stresses and aggressions of soldiers at war in the spotlight. It’s a troubling story, and one that unfortunately isn’t new or surprising after all that’s known of war. The trailer below is very good, suggesting a tense and well-acted war thriller. Wolff and Skarsgård are great – the latter brilliant at playing bad men.

The Kill Team, also starring Adam Long, Jonathan Whitesell, Brian Marc, Osy Ikhile, Anna Francolini, and Rob Morrow, will hit US cinemas on October 25.


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